I've owned a F90X and an F3 HP. The F3 is the camera I really regret selling but in hindsight when I sold this equipment I got a really good price compared to todays prices. I primarily used the F90X for motorsports photography and if I'd stayed in that field I would have upgraded to either an F5 or a digital SLR. The one thing I liked about the F3 is that I picked up some lovely cheap AI and AIS primes as well as being able to use the D type Nikon lenses.
My photography has moved more and more towards b&w and for static subjects (6 & 4 year old girls can never be described as static!) I use my Rolleicord Vb and 'flex 2.8C. I really enjoy the ergonomics of a TLR which is why I eventually sold my 500CM. The problem is that a grab shot is quite difficult, though not impossible, as I have to get the meter out etc. In addition my wife is now showing an interest in photography to complement her painting so I'm looking for a system whereby I can get a couple of bodies for both our use.
I must admit that I still have an attachment to the Nikon system but economics plays a part as we've recently bought a new house that requires extensive renovation.
What sort of prices are used SLRs going for at places like Jessops? I've bought and sold a lot of equipment on Ebay but sometimes the bargains can still be found in shops.