Just to offer an alternate take on it - probably the way to get the most for the least in the 35mm SLR market: Canon FD bodies and lenses. If someone called Nikon lenses inexpensive, then these are down right dirt cheap (they do not fit any digigizmos due to Canon's mount change). My suggestion would be the hidden gem of the range, the Canon EF (not to be confused with the EF-M or the EF mount system). This rugged camera is built on a F1 chassis, has a Copal vertical travel shutter (x synch up to 1/125th), mirror lock up, large bright viewfinder, shutter speeds from 1/1000th to 30 seconds (mechanical up to 1 second - so you are not battery dependant). Great camera, usually comes with the wonderful 50mm f1.4SSC lens and seems to have been long overlooked on the market.
Then you can get a Canonet QL17 GIII to round out the package