Hi folks,

I am about to take the pluge and buy a 500 'blad - cheap as chips at the moment and as long as its not been abused it'll outlive me. My question is is it worth paying more for an 01c/m over a 00c/m or even more for the 503. I don't really use flash although I do want to do some studio work in the future. For now most of what it'll be used for is 'detailed landscapes' and and interiors etc when not using the 5x4. It will enable me to get some of the shots I want for the 'farm project' with a view to making enlarged negs in the darkroom. I have had an SL66 befor now but I thought there is plenty of 'blad stuff going to come onto the market in future. Unfortunately, I have never handled a 'blad and do not know anyone who has one. I will try and have a play in a shop in town that I know has one for sale. I appreciate these things are horses for courses but a little guidance might set themind a rest somewhat!

Thanks in advance, Carl