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I am interested in the comment to buy the better lens. Are some lens designs better than others or is this only seen on mtf charts??
I've had "old" C type Sonnar 150, Distagon 50, and Biogon 38, and have CF versions now. Flare control is vastly (and I mean huge) improved. Try pointing a 40mm C into the sun if you don't believe me. That was deal killer number one.

The other thing is I like to work with the coupled EV rings. I.e. you determine exposure to be EV 12 say. Then you couple the aperture and shutter speed rings, and chose any combination . they all remain EV12. With the old lenses, the rings were always coupled and had to be separated to change exposure. The CF has a button to push when you want to change shutter speed/aperture without changing EV. Ergonomics work alot beter for me that way.

MTF? No idea - but I suspect you'll get great resolution out of anything signed Zeiss that fits on a Hassie.