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I sold all of my 35mm kit around 3 years ago, which consisted of various Nikon bodies (F3, F90X, F) and lenses. I moved onto medium format with a Hasselblad and now have a variety of TLRs.

The other day I was looking through some negs when I realised that I had loads of photos of my eldest daughter but very few of my youngest, and in fact very few of both of them over the past three years. It started me thinking (a rare event as it usually costs me money and I have to lie down afterwards). There was always a 35mm camera somewhere within reach and loaded with film. I realise that I've missed using a 35mm for spontaneous shots and it's time to get another. Plus I still have around 200+ rolls of HP5 in the freezer.

To my great delight I've noticed that film camera prices have fallen through the floor. But what system? I've been eyeing up the Olympus OM and the Pentax K mount systems. Body requirements - manual focus, built in meter, light, reliable. Lens requirements - 50mm, 28mm, 90/120mm and a macro.

I could go with Nikon but the prices are still quite high so I've plumped for a discontinued system. What suggestions do you guys have. I don't have time to get to any camera shops plus there aren't any in the vicinity.
Just looked through my 1982 Good Camera Guide edited by Stephen Bayley who was the then technical editor of Amateur Photographer. In terms of value for money in 1982 the Ricoh KR 10 was rated the best value for money. The 50mm lens it came with was rated as superb at 9/10. It uses the Pentax K mount. These cameras are not as common as the ME Super but generally are cheap when advertised. In the Pentax range the ME super was so common that it remains excellent value while the K1000 and LX (especially the LX) have both gained the kind of cult status that makes them much more expensive.

The Olympus range are all rated highly but again are relatively expensive in comparison with the Ricoh and ME Super.

With a few exceptions almost all cameras of that time were powered by two 1.5v silver oxide cells. Are these the cells that are difficult to obtain now?

In the book only the Contax 139 and Minolta XD11/XD7(the letters used depended on where in the world the camera was sold) get 9/10 for camera quality.

Best of luck