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Not sure where to place this question, but this seemed like the most appropriate place. Up til now, most of my work has been natural and urban landscapes. For some time, I've been interested in pursuing portrait and figure work. The thing I find difficult to get the ball rolling is finding models to work with. For those of you who do a lot of this kind of work, how do you find your models and how do you approach them? Seems like a simple problem, but I could really use some suggestions. Thanks!
HA!! FINALLY a good reason to get you ower here! I can get you all the nudes you can handle!

Seriously, I think ANY woman (or man) would be HONOURED to be portrayed by you!
I'll volontear!
and my girlfriend too.
together even!

as long as you do your wet plate thingy! We'll keep still!

Kerik: there is no mystery in this. Ask politely, and be honest about it.

have some of your work ready to show them, so they can see your "style" so to speak. Meet with them in a natural place, and show them.

have them have a friend siting in, if you like.

If the have an ounce of curiosity, they'll jump at it.
the first one is the worst. but it will get easy - believe me.

I have done this for 20 years, and I have never payed a dime for it..

do it right, and they'll love you for it!

(I'm from Denmark, so it might be easier for me, ower here, but I just cant think it should present a big problem)

IF - then come here!