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And I've got to find a deal on a darkroom sink, a big one. Right now, printing is serious exercise, as I have to run up two flights of stairs to the bathtub to wash all prints larger than 8x10. *eeeeeeesh*
I've mentioned this one before. Still not sure why it wouldn't work.

For less then the price of a tray the local building place sells laundry sinks. Only about 20"x24" . But what I've though why not build some sort of washer out a bunch of them?

If a person had room to put 5 or 6 in a row . Set them up with overflows linking them up. Each one lower then the other so the setup doesn't back up.

You'd put the first print in the first sink. Second on the second. And so on. If you need more washing spots then you could move the prints up when the first one is done.

It would be bulky. But actually cheaper then an archival washer. It would be possible to put dividers in and then even one sink could handle alot of paper.