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salon printing is one manner . both vertical and horzital images are placed on a 16 X 20 board, but with all prints hanging vertically. this makes a show easier to hang. I suggest that my students use the same size board, images can be of varying sizes ; as the print should dicate the direction and size. This gives a nice unifrom look to the presentation. Then people do not have to turn the boards around to look at each print as each board is going to the same way.
I agree. Having "overseen" a "public" gallery (unique - in a building owned by the Town - anyone and everyone can have their own show) I have formed my own opinions about what seems to "work" and what doesn't.

The greatest "sin" of all - in my opinion is "over population"... stuffing (and I mean this literally) so many works on the walls, and tables, and windowsills - and leaning against the floor - that one cannot expend the energy to consider any *one* piece. The area we have for exhibition is about 20' x 30' - with 10' ceilings, and windows, and doors. The best "looking" exhibition I have seen has been about fifteen 20" x 24" framed works.

I have seen as many as 170 in an exhibition ...Far too many, in my opinion.

Having all works in a uniformly sized frames - including vertical - or horizontal orientation - while not critically imperative, does seem to suggest a degree of "seriousness" - professionalism in display ... sort of a well thought out,
"finished" presentation.

It is FAR better to have too few works in a show, than too many - a lesson far too many beginners have had real trouble trying to learn. It is one of the really valuable lessons learned in advertising; "White space can be an extremely effective element - especially when trying to sell high-end stuff."

I think the same holds true to portfolios. Mine is an 11" x 14" Panodia - with ten polyethylene pages -- each page holding two prints - twenty, in all. I am busily (along with everything else) engaged in re-printing everything in it on 11" x 14" paper - using whatever area I think "works" - probably in "vertical" format.

It is difficult to choose which images ones to include.