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HA!! FINALLY a good reason to get you ower here! I can get you all the nudes you can handle!
I've waited 45 years to hear that! But, seriously, I would love to come to Denmark...

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Seriously, I think ANY woman (or man) would be HONOURED to be portrayed by you!
You are too kind - but thank you.

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Kerik: there is no mystery in this. Ask politely, and be honest about it. have some of your work ready to show them, so they can see your "style" so to speak. Meet with them in a natural place, and show them. have them have a friend siting in, if you like.
And thank you for the advice. Also, thanks Art and Ed for the website links. Good places to start. I've also tried Craigslist in my area, but so far no takers. Jorge - sorry, which Thomas are you referring to (I am bad with names...)

I appreciate the input on this. It's something I've been kicking around for several years and really want to see what I can do with the tools at my disposal.