How many schools did you apply to? I get the impression it was one. UT?
My advice to undergrads is to apply to many schools. 20-30 is not too many. I know it can get pricey but it could be well worth the expense. You WILL go to the school that accepts you, regardless of all other considerations, So you have to live in Bugknee USA for a couple of years. Will your work become diluted? Thats one way of looking at it but another way is to consider your work enhanced. If you spend three years in an MFA program and your work does not change then you haven't been paying attention. In grad school you will be subjected to all art disciplines and points of view. They are all valid and are there for your use. Along with the photography study history,criticism, sculpture , painting etc. it can be fun. Througout your life your work will change. Photography seems to be a subtractive process. Try something, reject it if it doesn't fit your visual vocabulary. Move on and try something else. Eventually you will come to a point where the choices will be very few. The more you do the fewer choices you have. When you arrive at this point you will really have defined Scootermans photography. Allow your work to evolve.
I think you should search out a program with profs and students producing work that is the absolute antithesis of the typr of work that you are doing. Appear at the office of the faculty one day, preferably unannounced, and explain that you would like to enter their program because exposure to this anti Scooter work will help develop you as an artist. When they talk to you personally and look you in the eye you become a person and not just an application form or portfolio. I was rejected by a University and became somewhat depressed. Took my work to another University and almost barged into their offices and began to plead my case. They accepted me. I found out that the university that I went to was rated #5 in fine arts in the country. The one that rejected me was unranked. Good luck
Jack B