"You get what you pay for."

What sort of work do you have in mind? I'm actually quite surprised to hear of your interest in this. You looking to do nudes in landscape, abstract figure studies, nekkid portraits...???

If formal figure studies you are probably better off hiring a professional model that you might find from a web listing, model agency or through a university art department. They will have experience and that can be a big help for someone just starting. Professional models will be more expensive, very business-like, and the shoot will probably result in more formal and emotionally neutral results. IOW, Cold and distanced.

OTOH, if you wish to do something less abstract and more relaxed, personal, and expressive, I would ask friends or friends of friends. For me anyways, that's where my most successful nude images come from. I have to find the person interesting in some way and I have never really been satisfied with any nudes I've taken where I've simply paid modeling fees. With that in mind, I'd also suggest you perhaps give some of your friends from FAB/Sight a call and ask for suggestions and perhaps leads. I'm sure Mark and AA-M, etc., would be a good resource for information and perhaps even model contacts.

Looking forward to see what you do with this.