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APUG is down for major upgrades. Down time could be 2-4days.
Please visit http://www.apug.org/chat We'll have discussion and some updates there. Thanks!

Current status:

-(update 4pm sat. EST, 10am NZ sun.) We've successfully worked through an import issue that set us back about 10hrs. The data is now fully imported to the new system, verified and looking good. We've taken full backups of the site and an off-site backup is downloading now. The most time consuming part of the migration is over. Now we are only working on the new system. I expect 1-2 (hopefully less) days of adjusting settings, permissions set up, url redirecting, https config, and templating modifications. We'll keep you posted. Thanks

-(update 12:15am sun. EST, 6:15pm NZ sun.) We're still working on what was mentioned previously. Things are going well, a bit slower than I hoped but we're definitely getting there. Here is a first screenshot of the new APUG up and running.

Click here to see screenshot

Thanks again for your patience! Sean



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