Have a 503 but a 500c/m would have been just fine if I hadn't gotten such a good deal on my 503. I have a friend that I helped find his 500c/m and he LOVES IT as well.

We both spent our money on additional backs and a few lenses.

Our outfits are pretty similar- I have
3 - A12 backs great for zone shooting
2 - A24 backs
80mm CFE )
150mm CF ) ............very happy with this combo so far -
40mm C -- ) love this lens

I soooo want a 30mm (can't afford) and I'm looking at 100mm

Crap load of misc "stuff"

I just LOVE this camera, and shooting square and printing full frame SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the slight rant everyone, I do however feel better now that now that I've "shared"

Sorry did I already say how much [SIZE=2]I love my blad![/SIZE]

(aka- Beckie)

PS: One thing I must recomended is the brighter screen - acute matte D (I have the grid) if you get a camera that doesn't already have one.