Do you know the model? Any other equipment they may have?

The head will have three knobs. Yellow,Magenta and Cyan. Assuming you don't have a colour analyzer you start out by setting the head at a filter pack [yellow and magenta usually] that tends to work okay for your paper and film. Set the F/stop and timer. Make a test print. Look at the test print. Ignore the colour. I repeat ignore the colour. Oh the test must be dry for this step. Did I say ignore the colour? Look at the exposure. Is it okay? Too dark? Too light? If the exposure needs to be adjusted then adjust. Repeat with a new test print until you get the exposure right. Then you can look at the colour.

Kodak paper comes with a starter filter pack. Or at least it did. Easier is to find out what other people using the machine are using for filter settings. You can then use thier settings for a starting point. So it's easier to at first use the same sort of paper they are using.

Sooner or later you'll know your film exposed in normal light on your favorite paper will need a certain starting filter.