I apologize if this is a "simpleton question" in advance but I seem to be having a bit of difficulty of late getting my "light bulb" in my head to go on.

I have been reading about the process and the chemicals required from Dick Arentz's book but I still do not understand the solutions. I am confused as to how much total liquid I need to make of each solution and how to mix the developers together to enable me to coat a piece of paper big enough for a 4x5 negative and also for a 8x10 negative.

Do I make separate “A” (ferric oxalate), “B” (restrainer) and “C” (metal salts) and then blend them together? Do these solutions keep for months or do I need to make them fresh just before I begin to use the solution?

The next question I would like advice on is should I buy a kit with all of the proper chemicals or by the chemicals separately. To help you answer that question I can tell you that I would rather invest a bit more at the beginning to get the economy further into my printing. I cannot see myself just printin 2 or 3 prints and giving up on Pt/Pd. If I begin this I am sure that I will spend at least a year dabbling. Learning and most importantly enjoying myself.

So you help on a “Dummies guide to your first Pt/Pd print” would be so welcome and appreciated.

Kind Regards,