While testing a number of 35mm films dev. in Pyrocat HD (kit from Phot. Formulary) I noticed a significant density variation corresponding to the area between the sprocket holes (darker band protruding into image area from edge). I've not seen processing artifact for many years.

I'm using a Jobo CPA-2 on the very slowest rotation I can set, a double-reel in a 2523 tank and 306 mls of solution. (3+3+300)

[process: 5 min D/W presoak, 8 - 13 min. dev time, 30-60s stop (Ilford's citric acid bath at ~1/3 strength), two bath fix, rapid fix, no hardener, 2 min. each, water rinse, Permawash, final wash. All except final wash in Jobo tank at slowest rotation]

Have any of you others found this problem with Pyrocat and 35mm? Solutions, more developer, slower rotation (somehow...)?? (I've not noticed this recently with my normal XTOL (1+3) - have not used Pyrocat on any larger formats yet).

(testing Across 100, Tri-X, Delta 400, HP5+ and Neopan 400)