Hi all

I started platinum printing with ziatype and make great thing with this process but when I started to print for other I decide to switch to traditional as it is a real pain to make 10-30 similar ziatype. Really easier to do with traditional.
I really appreciate the result of platinum-palladimm gold zia.

By the way when I start to make few work for others , I also try Ware method and also adapt it to zia, by this I mean that I make An humidyfing box to get the similar RH before exposing my paper. This way give better result but I get some sticking problem with my vacuum printing frame. (and when you use zia and a vacuum printing frame the better is to put the sensitize humidify paper in a mylar sleeve ro avoid that it quickly loose humidity.

The Ware method sound good but you still need to use a developer , so if I need to use one I prefer to use an easier method, traditional.

I also make some pizzitype, which is the first printing out process. It is my favorite way to make pure platinum print.

I now mostly use traditional, and I am investigating the use of different noble salt as iridium, osmium and so on