At the risk of being shunned for replying to a 'digital' question on an 'analogue' board.......

I've been playing around with making negs on the inkjet printer. I wanted to see if I could make a neg to replace the small format (ie. 8x10).

Here's what I've found for MY situation (2200+OHP):

- Burkholder's curves are a good starting point but will more than likely need to be fine tuned for your working methods in pt/pd. Keep in mind he uses a specific mix of pt/pd metals, contrast agent, UV lightsource, paper, and developer.

- Right now I use a 4mp digicam and make 6"x8" negs. I've also scanned a 4x5 neg on a 2450. While many have recommended programs like GF I find that moderate upsizing in 110% increments yields results that are more than sharp enough for alt processes printed on 'art' papers (like Arches, Somerset, Whatman, etc).

- I'm at the point where the final print is *almost* there. Tonally speaking it is. The problem, at least to my eyes, is that there is a certain amount of 'graining' in the image - and no it's not from over sharpening, etc. I can take an untouched image, make a neg then print it and the 'grain' is still present. It's most noticeable in areas of even tone. This probably would not bother those who are use to working in 35mm and 'old emulsion' high speed films but for LF users who are use to the smoothness that the bigger formats yield it's a bit disconcerting.

- Because there's no base fog your print times can be short. It's easy to over expose at first which seems to exasperate the grain.

So that's it - I'm still sitting on the fence until the 'graining' problem can be solved.