Thanks for explaining all of this. Now if I am getting the information correct, I will have three separate solutions that I mix together only when I am ready to coat the paper?

Otherwise these three solutions (made in smaller batches) can sit comfortably in my darkroom until the next time I wish to make a Pt/Pd print?

I now should be looking for a chemical supply house to buy the chemicals needed to make these three solutions. It seem that I should buy about 10gr. of platinum and 10 gr. of palladium? These will last quite awhile and the the mix ratio is 1:1 so that they both should complete at the same time?

Do you place these mixed solutions in clean eyedropper bottles? Seems like a small amount of solution so it would seem logical to keep them in small glass bottles.

Also notice that the recommendation is to do the mixing at quite high temperatures. Is this correct? I guess I am cautious of doing this because in traditional b&w stuff, too high a temperature can have a negative effect on some of the solutions.

Thanks for the starting help, and yes I am already out seeking the Richeson 9010 brush which I assume is the flat tipped one.

Kind Regards,