Also, with reference to Mike Ware's comparison of the tone of Dick Arentz' prints with historical examples, the reproduction in his review is really way off. As Clay mentioned, the real tone of Arentz' work is much more neutral in tone, very much like the historical sample shown by Ware.


Yes, I forgot to mention the print colour. And yes, I do think that Dick Arentz's pictures are quite excellent. Perhaps my remarks sound more critical than I intended: after all, it was a reproduction of a picture of Arentz in "Using the view camera" which once turned me on to pt/pd and other processes.
And looking back, I have also used the Lipd/Ziatype process with consistent and successful results.
I have not seen Arentz new book, however, it does sound limiting in relation to claiming to give an overall introduction if he bases his initial instructions on a starter kit and to only one method. Again, this remark should not devalue other merits of his book.