The 10" Wide-Field Ektar has tons of coverage, but it's in a large Ilex #5 shutter and isn't quite as contrasty as a coated Dagor. On the other hand, I use the shutter for other barrel lenses with a front mounting adapter, so I can carry three lenses and one shutter, making up for the weight and bulk of the big shutter.

My 8-1/4" Gold Dot Dagor mounted in an Ilex #3 covers with room for modest movements, so a 9-1/2" should be no problem, but I bet the coverage isn't quite as wide as the WF Ektar.

I have an old 168mm Ser. III Dagor that covers when stopped down, but I've heard that later versions might not. That said, it's usually a very affordable lens in a Rapax non-sync shutter.

My widest lens is a 120mm/f:14 Berthiot Perigraphe. These are usually found in barrel with wheel stops, and cover 8x10" with room for slight movements. I had mine mounted in an Ilex #3--coverage is slightly less, but I'll tolerate that for the convenience of a shutter. Very affordable, and it's a surprisingly sharp little lens!