Awright, here's yet another photographer's anecdotal "evidence" of what seems to work...

I usually do a complete wash after fixing and before toning, then repeat the wash cycle. No problems with uneven toning or staining.

This week I'm in a hurry so I was curious to trying the direct from fixer-to-toner method.

No go. Got serious staining.

Here's the materials list:

Ilford MG FB Warmtone glossy;

Alta ZonalPro HQ Warmtone developer;

Alta indicator stop bath;

Ilford Hypam rapid fixer at 1:4, one minute fix;

Alta Archival Rinse;

Paterson Acutone selenium toner.

I took the test strip straight from fixer to toner, no interim rinse. After 15 minutes very unattractive staining was evident along the edges, indicating the toner had infiltrated the cut paper edges.

While I might be interested in pursuing methods to save time later, right now I can't afford the time it'll take to experiment with time-saving methods. For now it'll be easier to go with what I know works, which is double washing.