The biggest problem is the paint cracking and falling off with the 2 inch model. The 1 inch model doesn't have this problem.


Go the hardware store and buy some tool grip rubber handle goo. It's the stuff you can use to make your screwdriver handles grippable. Just paint that stuff on your brush handle and hang it bristles up to dry, and it makes a nice non-flaking coating that is cool and sort of hip-industrial.

And maybe metal ferrules are something that you need to avoid with Van dyke. I don't have enough experience with Van Dyke to say one way or the other, although when I have done VDB prints, I use a non-metal Hake brush, because that is what I had available. I do think it is advisable not to mix processes with the same brush. I have dedicated brushes for platinum/palladium, VDB, cyanotype and teeth.