A shout out to the UK and all the people there. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Everyone should go to London to photograph. The people are uniformally positive and helpful. The landscape in London yells"Photograph me". Even the police are courteous. I was photographing in centrtal London when out of the corner of my eye I could see red lights flashing. No sirens just lights. This has happened before and I knew what to expect. They were there to see what I was doing. An 8x10 camera can look suspicious. They gently backed me against a wall while they sent my passport information through their computer. They just chit chatted about photography and such. It was all very informal and relaxed but make no mistake, I wasn't going anywhere nor was I going to challenge these two substantial guys. I was working around the New Scotland Yard and they explained that there were sensitive government buildings in the area. When they were content that my intentions were peaceful they wrote me a ticket. Not a ticket in the American sense. This ticket was to show other police that I was cleared and needn't be bothered. How very civilized. There was alarge crowd gathering around the corner at Westminster Abbey and someone told me that the Queen was making an appearance. I began walking over there but was deterred when I saw the police or military guarding the area with machine guns. I detoured. Better safe than sorry.
At Gatwick airport My wife and I were asked to leave the ticket line. We were taken to a secured room and our luggage was searched. What they found in my luggage was 23 very large Cadbury bars. They all got a good laugh when I explained that I was taking them to supply my English and Irish friends in the States. Anyway. I've been there three times and I'm yet to see the countryside because the city is endlessly fascinating. Go there . Photograph. Have High Tea. Have a Guiness or three. That English food, well thats another story