Thanks for starting this discusion Annie. This has been a very good discussion of the DOP vs POP IMO. Have not done a traditional plt/pld print but have had my ups and downs with the Ziatypes over the last year and half. Found the comment about the inability to make two Ziatypes the same hours or days apart most comforting - since I have battled with this quite a bit. The work has been most consistant recently, with a RH between 40-60% which is a bit lower than recommended. Also, have left the paper out to breath, which seems to make a big difference.

While I have made what I considered good Ziatypes, have not seen any others so could not say they are good or not. On the other hand I do have some DOP plt/pld prints that I can say are very nice.

Should note that in an email from Kevin Sullivan, he advised that when the paper drys out too much that you can give the exposure a little more time and develop out the print using traditional methods, such as Amonium Citrate. Have not tried this yet, but hope to in the future, because of the different tones available with Ziatypes.

Thanks to everyone for the most usefull input.
Yes, the Zia POP can be furstarting - though I suspect is less so than the Ware method - it is possilbe to produce some very nice prints. That said, still intend to give the traditional DOP pld a try if for no other reason than this thread.