I use an RTS II. It is big but only because it has the motor and batteries on it. It is a beautiful camera, a product of the Porsche Design Group, although the controls are a little strangely laid out from other SLRs they fall naturally under your fingers. As far as I'm concerned, they could have just stopped designing new 35mm SLRs after that. It has everything that I want in a camera and nothing that I don't want. Of course, that is somewhat a matter of personal taste. The only thing I might add is interchangable viewfinders. The big problem for them is that they haven't been made for some time and with Kyocerra dumping Contax, things ain't gonna get better as far as keeping them running .

The 167 is a more modern design, all plastic and LCDs. Ick. I dont want a 35mm camera without a thumb advance lever on it or that turns into a doorstop when the batteries die.

You already know that the Zeiss glass is wicked. I'll use that on any body that will mount it. Even Yashicas