A friend of mine asked me to look at his mamiya C220 for him.
The shutter is in desperate need of a CLA, in fact the entire camera needs a good going over.
Ok, I cleaned the exterior and the lenses, and the thing is starting to look presentable, but the question remains, what's the best way of dealing with this shutter. The B setting works, and the rest of the speeds all appear to be the same, somewhere around 1/20 sec.
I do not know alot about this camera, so I went to the Net for info and found out that this particular model is the "bottom of the line" though it does have a 2.8 lens. And I must admit, after years of using a Rolleiflex, the bellows of the Mamiya, allowing shots as close as 35cm is intriguing.

Question: Is this camera worth the cost of a CLA and maybe even more? Or should my buddy be looking for a replacement lens or even camera?

What do you all think? I'm pretty sure there is no sentimental value attached to this camera.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.