I LIKE Weatherspoons pubs! They have no music or slot machines and always have a couple or three guest beers as well as whatever is local. They do tend to get crowded at weekends though...

The fake Irish pubs however should be smashed up, burnt to the ground and the ashes collected and dropped into the deepest trench in the Atlantic....

As for food: Restaurant Magazine's Top Ten for 2005:

1 The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire, Britain
2 El Bulli, Montjoi, Spain
3 French Laundry, California
4 Tetsuya’s, Sydney, Australia
5 Gordon Ramsay, London, Britain
6 Pierre Gagnaire, Paris, France
7 Per Se, New York, New York
8 Tom Aikens, London, Britain
9 Jean Georges, New York, New York
10 St John, London, Britain

I.E. 4 of the top ten, including the No1 slot goes to restaurants in the UK...

For Michelin: with a total of 230 stars, UK restaurants are beaten only by France - big surprise - (620) and Italy (255) - then comes Germany (212) and Spain (123).

None of which is much comfort if you make the mistake of ordering a deep fried Pizza with a deep fried Mars Bar and pineapple rings for desert in Scotland...

Cheers, Bob.