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In the case that I have a type of bulb that does not fit my flash unit, what would be the safest way to dispose of it? I wouldn't realy care to send it to J&C, b/c of the shipping &c.
Ah! Now here is the problem... If I understand the rule of Unexplained Equipment Acquisition ( "How the hell did I get so much stuff??") what you do when you have bulbs that don't fit your flash is you go out and buy a flash that fits your bulbs ... which then requires you to buy a camera to fit the new flash. Probably this camera will take a size film that you don't normally shoot, and when you do shoot it, the possibilities hinted at by the new format will make you want to go out and buy that wonderful old ------ camera that everyone talks about being the best for this format. But then you'll have to buy new flashbulbs to fit!

Better move to a bigger house, this stuff is addictive.