Greetings again,

I've had a few replies to the 3 flask system of safely producing gold chloride.

I don't know much about gold toning photographs...but from what I've read and researched and have seen on this site, leads me to believe that the 3 flask system would work for photographers grapeling with gold chloride production.

I normally sell my book to the sign gilding trade for $100. Half the book deals with the history of liquid gilding on glass in the sign industry...the other half deals with the production of gold chloride for its use in solution gilding on glass.

I would delete the history part of the book and focus on gold chloride production procedure. By doing this I could sell the book for half the cost, for say $50. Unless you want the book in all its glory, then its
the $100.

I have read a lot of articles by the various trades, of ceramists, gilders, photographers, platers, refiners...and not one mentioned the 3 flask system.
All they talk about is how dangerous it is , and it should be done out doors and/or with an air hood.

You can now ignore all that...purchase the book.
and start making gold chloride safely.

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