I have just visited Dick Arentz site and took a walk through the gallery. I wanted to see what his prints looked like so that I could compare platinum vs. palladium vs platinum+palladium.

I am about to place an order for my starting kit with probably, Photographer's Formulary and was trying to decide whether to buy the platinum kit or the palladium one. According to them the platinum should be cooler where as the palladium should be warmer and closer to a brown sepia tone.

Well Dick's pictures in his gallery does not confirm this. (at least at computer viewing level). Now I do not know which way to go. I want good contrast with a deep black as reasonably possible and probably a bit on the warmer side.

Do you use platinum or palladium? Perhaps a combination?

Your guidance in my first purchase would be much appreciated. I do not know if I'll like the brown or the cooler tones until I make a print and see the results. Does this mean that I should go the cheaper route and do just palladium?

I also wish to print a portrait of my daughter. Will this process lend itself to this type of printing or am I really of course on this one?

Kind Regards,