Your chemist is right...the fumes produced are dangerous...thats why in all the literature I have read, they recommend doing it outdoors and that you stand back away from the fumes. I use to do this, but after discovering this 3 flask system, which by the way, I got from a person with a masters degree in chemistry, I now use it inside my shop, and up close so I can monitor it and make adjustments as I near the end of the process. WOW!!

I'm jumping up and down at how easy it now is to produce gold chloride,and how much more of it I get when doing so, and which can now be used in a whole host of processes, such as, gilding, photographic toning, ceramics gilding, plating. I use it for gilding glass signs. Gold chloride is a component in many formulas in many trades....It was always easy to find the gilding formula, but oh so hard to find a cheap pure supply of gold chloride.

The Information I did find on its production was very vague and dangerous.

If you pass this up, you are chained forever to your ignorance.

I hoping that at least one of you will give it a try. You wont be disappointed!