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Easels are pretty well essential for fibre paper and jolly useful for RC - you can keep RC flat with a bit of double sided tape in the middle though as they tend to curl "upwards" in teh centre. If you want white borders, get an easel.

Cheers, Bob.

I've been doing this darkroom thing for a while now since I started the post...

Bob, I actually got an ancient 5x7 enlarger a while back (free!), and it has a border-maker/cropper built in (Four sets of knobs that change the width/length of light allowed past the bellows - very handy!) Between that and a two-bladed easel and a piece of glass (there might be some argument to this, but it's what I always did for contact printing, and works great for my enlarging!), and FB paper works fine - perfectly flat.

Writing everything down is probably the best thing that happened to my darkroom technique. It seems obvious, but I'm not a naturally organized person...also, stubborn. Ah, well.

And dust for me has actually been much better with large format. Those small format negatives are just so fiddly...

Edit: Picking a "revealing time" and multiplying that by a controlled number is a very good idea; consistency even after developer isn't so fresh and temperature changes. Especially helpful on edition prints.