I started 6 years ago with a ziatype kit. Try to picture if you will, our normal humidity in Tonopah Nevada of 4-8%. I'm constantly re-soaking towels in warm water and blowing air through them to try to arrive at some humidity, poorly controlled, never the same. Best thing I ever did was give up on that fiasco. Now I'm using the so-called traditional pt/pd method. Drying my coated paper to potatoe chip crispness with a hair dryer set on cool, and getting a rather nice d-max if I do say so. I think success is invariably linked with place and perhaps there is no right or wrong way to do these set in stone. The best case might be for different workers to give some thought to their inherent environment and proceed in a direction that suits it more than less. Be flexible. Experiment. To fuss over whether a pt/pd print should be misnomered as a "Platinum" borders on pure snobbery in my vocabulary.