Great Michael. I'm sure you won't have to hunt too hard.

Nicole, I think I've got you on the list for the next round.

Before the next round--

I'll go back through my list of current participants and people on the waiting list, and I'll confirm everyone's participation, addresses, and contact info by PM. We don't want the portfolio to go AWOL for three or four months again.

I'll add another portfolio, and we'll split into to groups.

I'm thinking of setting up a fund, maybe a separate PayPal account (and we can make arrangements for those who want to contribute but not through PayPal), for two purposes. As for the first round all contributions would be voluntary.--

--So that new participants who did not chip in for the first portfolio case can chip in for the second one, if they want and are able. The Tenba Port-FedEx case may seem extravagant at around $100, but it's held up so well, and has been a real convenience, so I think we'll stick with it.

--To collect contributions to partially reimburse some of the people who have a particularly heavy shipping burden, because they are always shipping overseas, or who just can't afford it.

If anyone has any further suggestions before Round 3, I'd be interested in hearing them.