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Yes Anie, Sodium Chloroplatinate is used to increase contrast in the print. Since is forms part of the image instead of restraining the reducing accion it gives better results than using the evil #2 solution, but be very careful, the platinate is very powerful, most people dilute it to 10% and even 5% at 20% I would not reccomed it for an 8x10 print, 1 drop will probably cause too much contrast. BTW if you use platinate as contrast control, you will have to increase your printing times.

The one you want to make coating solution is Potassium Chloropaltinite.
NA2 can be successfully used when making 8X10 or smaller prints, it just needs to be diluted with distilled water. Add 1 drop of distilled H20 to the 20% NA2 to get a 10% solution and so on. Assuming that a drop has a volume equal to 0.05 ml then a 2:1 mix will yield about a 3% solution if I've done mu arithmetic correctly.

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