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maybe i should lock my speed graphic focus on a certain distance and just use the sport's finder ? anyone have experience doing that - no focus thing ? ...
Hi John,

I've done a lot of street shooting with a Mamiya TLR "fix focused". I typically set the focus around 15 feet, then an aperature between f8 and f16 depending on the lighting (usually a faster shutter speed for handheld, like 1/125). TLRs are good for attracting not too much attention. People usually notice the big camera, but since you are looking down in the WL finder (rather than looking at your subject), they dont think you are actually taking a picture of them. The quiet shutter helps. Also, holding the camera at waist or chest level helps in this manner too. I have used a monopod at times which allows the use of slower speeds, and is not very cumbersome and doesnt attract too much attention. For such candid shots, plan on taking a good number of frames (not a problem for you if you have so much film!). I find that a reasonable number of frames are trash, but if you take enough, you'll get what you're looking for.