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It's a simple fact of life that digital cameras, from P&S to Pro, both new and used are outselling film by at least 10 to 1. I have been shooting film (35mm) for 60 years and don't own a digital camera. I am also confident that, should any of my current equipment fail, I can replace it in the used market. That being said, and given my age, I don't have to worry about the market 30 years hence. What does worry me is the film market. What new developments in film have we seen in the last 15 years? What about the availability of a wide variety of film, especially at local retailers? And assuming you don't do your own developing, what about the future of the high quality labs?

I am not worried about it one bit, my local lab is committed to their film customers as well as their digital customers, as far as development in films, I have seen several new emulsions come to the market in the 20 years I have shot to make a living, so I am not worrried at all.