I'd like to toss out for discussion the packaging inside the case.

I'm of the opinion that once you place a print in the case, you may never see it again thus don't put something in that you may actually want to keep. I know some are unique processes and you do want them back. With this in mind, wrapping prints in plastic, etc is overkill and annoying. Hard to show others too. I'd like to suggest that we all window matt our prints to the size that just fits in the case (11x14?) this would mean they don't rub against the actual print and they are easy to remove, view and replace back in the case. I would have liked to take them to show my B&W group at camera club but didn't as I didn't think I'd ever get them back into their respective packets.

Alternatively, mabe there's some kind of folder that has pages of tissue or some thing where unmounted prints could be interleaved.