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Between that and a two-bladed easel and a piece of glass (there might be some argument to this, but it's what I always did for contact printing, and works great for my enlarging!), and FB paper works fine - perfectly flat.

Seriously, think about dumping the glass. It works fine for contacts as there is no image passing through the glass - just the light. Putting the glass between the negative and the paper has several effects. It will distort the image, it gives two more surfaces to pick up dust and it will shift the focus (by approx half the thickness of the glass IIRC). The easel will hold the paper flat enough. If it's really bendy, you can just bend it back on itself a little to relax it. I've never heard of anyone using a sheet of glass in that way... (watch 'em all pop up now! )...

Cheers, Bob.