I don't think we should try to get in as many people as possible by sending unmounted prints. With 20 participants per portfolio it's been taking about a year to make the circuit. I think that should be about the limit. We'll add another portfolio to bring in everyone on the waiting list, and add a third for the next round if necessary.

I like the idea of everyone following a uniform mounting standard, since that would make it a neater package, but not everyone has a uniform mounting standard, so it's kind of like herding cats, and one thing that it's interesting to see is how everyone mounts their prints.

In any case, after 20 shipments, possible openings by customs, etc., the mounts and mats will look worn. Last round I wanted to send an 11x14" print, so I sent it unmounted in a sleeve. I think that from now on, I'll go back to my practice from the first round--8x10" or smaller, hinge mounted and matted, so that if the print doesn't look too bad when it gets back, I can remount it easily.

When it gets back to New York, I'll make or purchase a folder for unmounted prints within each portfolio.