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What new developments in film have we seen in the last 15 years? What about the availability of a wide variety of film, especially at local retailers? And assuming you don't do your own developing, what about the future of the high quality labs?
Actually, quite a lot. Fuji has updated all their films, in just the last 2 - 3 years, with a couple of new transparency films (Velvia 100F, 100). Kodak has a new version of Ektachrome (VS100) - I'm primarily a Fuji user so I am not aware of much Kodak does. Several new B&W films; like Efke and others. You probably won't be able to get them at the local corner camera store; at least not in the immediate future.

Same with pro labs. I highly recommend Calypso Imaging in Santa Clara - I use them for all my 4x5 tranparency processing.

You may have to work harder at finding the choices, but they are there. It it too easy to look at all the negative news, without realizing that the photography market is changing, so we have to change as well.