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Nice stuff.... Where did you shoot these from? It looks like a great view of the city.
The one with water and boats in the foreground is from Mt Victoria in Devonport, the city buildings are 4 km from that position. The other shot is from Mt Eden which is close to the city and is always full of tourists and their digi cams. The 2 shots took 4 hours to complete, the weather way constantly changing with rain coming and going.

For the first time (for me) I had the 5x12 setup at Devonport and someone came along and asked me if it was a Hasselblad........I felt quite privileged to be asked that question as I was beginning to think it was a myth!

The 2 photos I shot the previous year with different equipment and the results were quite disappointing. That led to the purchase of the 5x12 which I'm now happy to say worked out just fine.