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You looked in the wrong places. Most Indian restaurants do not require pre-booking, neither do chinese. Then there's good old fish 'n' chips. Did you try eating in pubs? The majority of pubs do great food.

This is exactly what my wife told me for years before our visit. However, our extremely unscientific sample of -1- did not confirm this. The first place we went after checking into our hotel was the closest pub. They actually had a butcher type display case with some pretty nice looking steaks for not much money. We happily ordered two and waited.

They cooked them. And cooked them, and ... Well, they were reduced to shoe leather. :o Oh, well.

Still, for the rest of our trip, we ate very well. The wife had learned to love Indian food on her first visit to Britain (before we met).

The only thing we did not get and wished we had, was the "spotted dick". Inquiring Colonial minds want to know: what is a "spotted dick"?

Cheers, y'all.