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A shout out to the UK and all the people there. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Everyone should go to London to photograph. The people are uniformally positive and helpful. I was cleared and needn't be bothered. How very civilized. .
At Gatwick airport My wife and I were asked to leave the ticket line. We were taken to a secured room and our luggage was searched. What they found in my luggage was 23 very large Cadbury bars. They all got a good laugh when I explained that I was taking them to supply my English and Irish friends in the States.
While youse guys are having a food fight I would just like to point out that Jack is also to be commended. In each of these episodes he was obviously calm, polite and maintained a sense of humor throughout.

In other words he acted with respect to these people whose jobs are often none too easy. You mostly get what you give in this life. Although I'm not terribly nationalistic I want to thank Jack for representing Americans as something other than the brash obnoxious minority you so often hear about.

-Bob <humming a few bars of God Bless America, mixed with God Save The Queen >