If the angle of view of a 35mm lens suits what you wish to do and it is within your budget The Konica Hexar has received much enthusiastic response from its users. Although not as advanaced in its auto focus as the G2 a Contax G1 with a 45mm Planar might delight you if you find one within your budget. You would have both manual and auto focus available along with motor drive. Some rangefinder fans do not like the view finder. I have only handled the camera a little bit and find that I really like the viewfinder and this is from a person that also admires Leica. A Voigtlander Bessa RF camera with a collasible 50mm lens, or 35mm lens could also be a very fine choice. It would easily fit into a jacket pocket.

Frankly, I am very biased. I beileve that In the long run working with manual exposure with one film will become so second nature that your ability to set your expose with out taking a reading will prove to be more reliable than what is provided by an auto-exposure system.


I would consider getting a Russian Rangefinder camera in Leica screw mount thread and a Russian lens. There are very knowledgeable photographers in this forum that give them high praise. Start another thread specifically asking about these cameras. I believe you will get much feedback as to makes, models and lenses.