Here's what I have finally decided upon.

1> Olympus XA - so I never have an excuse to leave home without a camera - A-priority only, though.

2>Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII - use it without a battery in full manual mode at night only when the lighting gets tricky for their meters and many of these rangefinders don't go above ISO 800 or so. But this camera has a nifty EV reading feature which makes shooting at 1600 or more a breeze. But pretty much any camera that does manual along with A and has a fastish lens would do this job - Canonet, konica S2 etc

3>Olympus RC (or maybe RD for a few grams and dollars more) - for when you need full manual AND lightweight

If I had to choose just one to replace the SLR, it would be the XA, though.