I've been contemplating this from the angle: "If all my cameras were to disappear and a genie in a bottle appeared and gave me one wish - any single camera that I asked for..."

I would choose the camera that I use most: The Hasselblad 503Cx (or possibly one of the more "updated" versions of the same - possibly ...).

I just love this puppy. Flaws and idiosyncrasies ... of course, but I really wouldn't want anything else. One learns to work with, and integrate - and feel perfectly comfortable with - the "oddities".

If the wish was expanded to two ... I'd probably go with a Leica M6 - or whatever that model is up to now... Three - I've been "watching" the Ebony 4 x 5. Four - or maybe "two" or something ... The Olympus OM-4 system I have now ...