I recently started using Pyrocat-HD for tray processing 8x10 sheets.
I have used Fortepan 200 and Hp5 plus rated at EI:100 and 200 respectively. I find that I prefer to process no more than 4 sheets at a time in a 11x14 tray. After a 2 minute presoak I process @ 20 degrees and agitate 1 sheet every 15 seconds by moving it from the bottom to the top of the stack. I gently rock the tray between each agitation.

Fortepan 200 stains better and looks a little richer in a print than Hp5 plus
I particularly like the way it looks for portraits. I would use around 16 minutes as a starting point for either film in this developer.

I am yet to try Fortepan 400 in Pyrocat-HD (only Rodinal), it doesn't have the same thick emulsion as the 200 film and it has noticable grain if you are enlarging more than 3 times. Perhaps the pyrocat stain will help in this respect by masking the grain. The 400 certainly produces a nice tonality in contact prints.

In medium format you should get a nice 10x10" print with minimal grain from Fortepan 200 in Pyrocat HD.

Hope this helps