I think Claire meant for this originally to go to all of us -- So I am responding.


Hi -- I saw a photo I believe you shot for Sunset Garden -- nice work.

I never cared that much -- last time I was in Springdale with Per we stayed at some rv place and the guy was kind of insulting (to me- but not anyone else as far as I know)-- so I moved down the street to the pioneer. It's a long story. I'd rather stay somewhere with good darkrooms. I do like the pie however.

The El Rio is run by John -- and he has just ten rooms -- which are $39 each -- so he has the deal.. He doesn't have any meeting facilities but the number is

995 Zion Park Blvd
Springdale, UT
Phone: 4357723205

I think that he might be the cheapest in town

Claire also points out a free campground -- but I'll be staying indoors -- since it was a bit cold last year at New Years time. See Below.

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Why don't you try the Del Rio Motel in Springdale? I stayed there several years ago and the room was $39.00--and it was clean and comfortable. For those of you who don't know this, there is a free camping area along the Virgin River between the towns of Virgin and Rockville. Ask at the Zion Visitors' Center and they will give you directions.

Claire Curran